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Find Something Beautiful About Yourself

It’s all too easy to pick fault with ourselves, whether that’s by second guessing our decisions, or by dwelling on our insecurities. This article is about opening up your awareness of the beauty in others and also in yourself.

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Seduce Her In The Zone

It has been almost 3 months since my last confession blog post, forgive me for I have sinned been distracted by life’s unpredictability. These past few months have … [Read More..]


How To Be More Interesting

When I teach a seminar I will ask the audience what they do on a monthly basis that other people may find interesting, and preferably something they feel passionate … [Read More..]

Opening and Routines


Playing Dog With God

What follows is just some curiosity, and thoughts that I have in my head. My conversational topics usually start with such a foundation. Do you want to know what to … [Read More..]


Young couple holding hands with sun-flare.

10 Great Comfort Tips

Without hesitation I would have to say that the most common question I’m asked when out and about is, “Can you just give me one tip.. one quick piece of advice on … [Read More..]

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Seduction Guru Goes Ape?

Yes, the 115 ° Arizona heat is getting to me, and in this episode I'm going a little crazy.. erm.. like an ape? Some great content for you, and I'm spicing things … [Read More..]


Day Game vs Nightclub Game

Just the 1st video.. a little impromptu, and lots more on the way!! Whew.. Finally I have the first video up for my newsletter readers, or perhaps I should say … [Read More..]

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